Internationally acclaimed Australian label, Vivian Chan Shaw, is designed by mother and daughter team, Vivian and Claudia Chan Shaw. The label specialises in graceful hand loomed knits. The hand loom gives the designers the freedom to create knitted shapes that flow and drape – shapes which cannot be achieved with commercial knitting. The result is a hand washable, light weight, gossamer fine knit- the perfect travelling companion which rolls into a ball in your suitcase and arrives unwrinkled at the other end.
The Australian-made collection features flowing tops, pants, skirts, light weight jackets, cardigans and accessories. The flattering designs are timeless and do not go out of style from one season to the next.
The designs are presented in a range of fibres and dazzling colour combinations. The yarns are dyed especially and are ingeniously blended, resulting in collections offering the colours of the rainbow – not just the colours of the season. Leave the world of fast fashion behind and experience the hand made world of Vivian Chan Shaw.

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