Merrilee Top


This simple and flattering blouson top from the 1980s features keyhole detail at the front and back and trailing appliqué tendrils on the shoulders. Lustrous faux pearls are hand beaded on the shoulders to finish the look.

Colour : White

65 Acrylic. 35% Nylon. 

Hand loomed

Hand made in Australia

Washing Instructions: Hand wash in luke warm water using a gentle washing agent. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Squeeze gently, or place in a pillow case and spin in the washing machine to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry. Never dry clean. Never tumble dry. Never wash in hot water. If required, lightly iron on a low steam setting.

One size (Australian size)

The size is a guide to the range of sizes that can wear this particular top.  A loose fit that will fit most sizes.

Every garment featured on the Vivian Chan Shaw website is unique – a hand loomed one-off design. There is only one available. Once it’s gone – it’s gone! Now that’s exclusive!

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